Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dive Shop & Resort Padang Bai Bali Indonesia

While I was wandering around the net I found this great offering and seems very much promising for your future investment. A dive resort in Indonesia’s most visited island of Bali.

This resort is located in Padang Bai, a small port on the eastern part of Bali Island and about 54 km east of Denpasar-the capital of Bali province which is one of the best spot for surfing in Bali Indonesia. This port is also used as a ferry dock to take people/tourists to Lombok or any other Islands on the east of Bali.

The resort is well known in Asia and 70% of the customers are from these countries. It also has Australia, Canadian, American, German and Dutch guests. The percentage of returning guests is close to 80%.
This Dive Shop & Resort is built on a leased lot. Remaining lease is 24 years with a 10 year extension. PRICE IS NOT INCLUDING PAYMENT OF 10 YEARS. The asking price is US $1 500 000

Facilities that you can get:

There are 24 deluxe style rooms all with
* Air conditioning
* European Bathrooms
* Hot shower
* Satellite TV
* DVD player
* Minni Safe
* All new furnishing
* Indonesian timber crafting
* Complete Diving SSI Instructor Training facility
* Update to date audio visual classroom
* Air conditioned
* Seating capacity 18 students
* Custom build diver training pool

Click here for further information: http://www.absolutescubabali.com/dive_resorts_for_sale_asia_Bali.htm

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