Monday, July 13, 2009

Kampung Naga

Kampung Naga or "The Dragon Village" is a settlement occupied by the people who strongly hold their ancestor’s traditions and customs for centuries. The people of Kampung Naga live in a certain order which is formed in a homely condition and a close traditional wisdom environment. We almost can’t find the trace of a modern life in this place, this is because their tradition forbids the modern life instruments to enter their village, so we won’t hear the sound of radio or television in this village we can’t event find electricity in here. This village lies in a fertile valley surrounded by the ‘sacred wood – a place where their ancestors were buried.

Every house in this village is stage shaped and made out of bamboo and wood including the floor, while the roof usually made out of reeds. The houses are not allowed be painted, they can only colored the houses by using camphor. The people of Kampung Naga are also forbidden to held an art show which comes from outside the village even though it is also a traditional art such as wayang (puppet show), pencak silat (Sundanese martial art), and some musical instruments from outside the village. But the people are allowed to see the show if it’s held outside the village.

Beyond its uniqueness, this village is also best known for their hospitality in serving guests who come to their village and this is part or their customs. All of the people confess that they are Moslems but they are also still very strongly hold the faith according to their customs and their ancestor’s thoughts.

Kampung Naga is located not too far away from a highway connecting Garut and Tasikmalaya, two modern cities in west Java Province. To get to this place you can take a plane to Bandung (the capital of West Java) and then you can take a bus to Tasikmalaya and I suggest that you better get a tour guide to take you to the village because there are so many forbidden things to do etc. anyway from the highway of Garut-Tasikmalaya go down through a stairway until you meet the river of Ciwulan, with slope level of 45 degrees and distance about 500m, then you just follow the river until you find the village. But believe me though it's waste a lot of energy to get there it is really worth it considering what you will find in Kampung Naga.

* If you wish to visit Indonesia, please go to Indonesia travel tips page.

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