Thursday, July 23, 2009


Welcome to Indonesia's number one snorkeling and diving spot. If you are a diver or you are just an underwater life lover this is just the place where you must spend your vacation, Bunaken offers you an underwater sensation you will never forget.

This 89.000 ha sea conservation area consists of five islands, Bunaken Island, Siladen Island, Mantehage Island, Manado Tua Island and Nain Island. The diving spots spread around the beaches on those islands. There are about 20 diving spots with the depths up to 1.344 m. among the the other islands the most popular diving spots are located in Bunaken Island, there are 12 spots for diving in this area. In this Island you can find underwater great walls or also called hanging walls. These walls are actually giant coral cliffs that stand vertically in the water which become the food source for thousands of fish in this water.

According to Indonesia's Forestry Department there are 13 generas of coral reef live in this water, dominated by edge coral reefs and barrier coral reefs. But the most interesting of all of course the vertical coral walls in Bunaken that I've wrote earlier. there are also at least 91 kinds of fish you can find like kuda gusumi (Hippocampus Kuda), white oci (seriola rivoliana), yellow tail lolosi (lutjanus kasmira), goropa (ephinephelus spilotoceps and pseudanthias hypselosoma), ila gasi (scolopsis bilineatus, and many more tropical fish such as trigger fish, gobi and shrimp gobi fish, barracuda, sword fish, angel fish, bat fish, sweet lips, and there also sea reptiles like sea snakes and turtles.

Beside the underwater scenery you can also enjoy the beauty of the tropical islands in this area where you can also find accommodations such as hotels and restaurants. You can also rent a speedboat, yacht, wooden boat or a jet ski to some rental boat facilities in the islands, you can also ask for a diving instructor that can guide you to a safe and beautiful diving spots.

This amazing underwater beauty is located in North Sulawesi, the good news is it's still part of Manado - the capital of the province where there is an international airport so it's not so hard to reach this place. from Sam Ratulangi Airport it's 30 minutes ride to Marina Harbor where you charter a tourist ship that will take you straight to Bunaken in about 1 hour ride.

* If you wish ti visit Indonesia, please go to Indonesia travel tips page.

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