Monday, July 6, 2009

Mentawai Islands

Here is one of the best spot for wave riders in Indonesia and probably in the world. Warm water, incredible scenery, and perfect waves make this Island a paradise for surfers. It offers various waves such as E-Bay, Nipussi, Pit Stops, Bankvaults, Kanduis, Scarecrows, Telescopes, Iceland, Bintangs, Lances Left, Hollow Trees, Maccaroni's, KFC’s, and Thunders.

Mentawai is actually a group of islands consist of 4 main islands Siberut, Sipura, North Pagai and South Pagai, these main islands surrounded by many small islands and coral reefs. It’s located about 150 km on the west coast of Sumatra Island – Indonesia, The position of these islands makes them an outstanding location for surfing. Siberut is the biggest island among the others, many surfers choose this island as a place to stay during their surfing days.

Mentawai Islands are covered by rain forest occupied by the natives called the Mentawai people who maintain their tradition with primitive way of living, it’s one of the most enthralling and best-preserved indigenous cultures of the world.

To get to Mentawai first you should take a plane to Padang (the capital of West Sumatra, from here the only way to get to Mentawai is to take a boat which will take about 10 hours journey.

* If you wish to visit Indonesia, please go to Indonesia travel tips page.

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