Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tablanusu, Tourism Village in Papua

Papua is one of the biggest island in the world. Located on the east of Indonesia, most of this island is covered by tropical Forrest with million kinds of flora and fauna. This island has a very rich natural resources, beside its flora, fauna - especially birds, its also rich with minerals such as gold, copper, iron ore, coal, quartz sand, marble, granite, Nickel and chrome. And this is the only place in the equator where you can find snow ! the snow lies on the top of the highest mountain in Indonesia called Jayawijaya Mountain (4884m above sea level).

The natives of Papua are divided into many tribes with different characteristics, culture, social system and tradition. Some of them live on the beach, some live in a valley, some of them choose to live in the jungle, and some enjoy their life by the riverside. Most of these natives still maintain their primitive way of life, it reminds us of primitive tribes in Africa that still exist today. The tourists from abroad often visit these tribes to take a closer look at their daily activities or during a traditional / religious event held by a tribe. But of course visiting these tribes in a very isolated place sometimes can be hard for tourists who use to live in the city with sufficient public facilities. You won't find a restaurant in these places no public telephone when your cellphone is unable to receive signals, no electricity, you won't even find a public toilet. For those reasons the local authority decided to develop a "Tourism Village" which would give more comfort to the tourists during their visit. They choose a beautiful village by the beach for this project called Tablanusu Village.

Tablanusu Village is located in Depapre District, Jayapura, which is one of the big cities in Papua. About 45 km from the village there's Sentani Airport, so it shouldn't be so hard to visit the village. From Sentani Airport you should continue your journey through the land which will take about 30 minutes to Depapre and then continue the journey by boat that will take you to Tablanusu in about 10 minutes. During your journey on the way to Tablanusu you shall pass a historical place, a landing harbor of the allied force during world war II.

Tablanusu also has amazing natural resources, the beach on the edge of the village naturally shaped like a small gulf that makes it a perfect object for natural photographers. There is also a natural black rock, and two unoccupied islands which is said to be formed a long time ago after a Tsunami hit this area. There are millions of orchid in these islands that become their own interest point, and in the afternoon just before the sunset many kinds of bird will come to these islands and stand on tree branches creating an unforgettable view during the sunset.

This village population is about 402 people devided in 10 tribes, Sumile, Danya, Suwae, Serantow, Wambena, Somisu, Yakarimlen, Apaserai, Yufuwai and Selli. These people are also still practicing their ancient culture and tradition although modernization have come to their village. Every year this village is participating in a cultural festival called "The Sentani Lake Festival" which is held by the local authority in mid June every year.

But of course if you're more attracted with a real adventure in a real primitive tribe' village in Papua, they will always there waiting for you.

* If you wish to visit Indonesia, please go to Indonesia travel tips page.

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