Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bali Indonesia, Island of The Gods

Bali is the number one tourist destination in Indonesia and one of the best in the world. Every day, this island attracts millions of tourist from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of this tropical heaven. This island is very famous as a holiday destination for the people around the world especially for those who love to travel abroad, sometimes its popularity even exceeding the popularity of the country - Indonesia. I've met some people who don't know that Bali is really a part of Indonesia and it's one of the Indonesia's provinces.

Bali Indonesia is located between Java and Lombok island. It's very easy to reach from abroad or from any other part of Indonesia since it has an international airport in its capital - Denpasar. Bali Indonesia is 5.561 km2 wide, and occupied by 4.500.000 people with ethnic - Balinese as a majority (89%). other ethnics that live in this island are Javanese (7%), Baliaga (1%) and Madura people (1%). Although Indonesia is a country with moslem majority, but in Bali Indonesia Hindu is the majority religion (92.3%) and Islam is the second big religion in Bali Indonesia. But eventhough it has several ethnic groups and different religons with Balinese and Hindunese as majorities, the people in Bali are very tolerant, almost there is no friction between these ethnic groups or between religions in Bali Indonesia.

Balinese are the people who hold their religion and culture so strongly and they implement it in their everyday lives. They have Pura (worship place) in every house and often make religious ceremonies in some occasions. They are also known as friendly people and hard workers, These aspects are could be the reason why the tourists love this island and willing to stay long or make them coming back after their last visit to Bali Indonesia.

As the main tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali has everything. Bali Indonesia has hundreds of natural touris attractions such as beaches, mountains, lakes, forests and others. It also has many historical attractions, religious places, cultural attractions, art shows, etc. Beside that Bali Indonesia also has great tourist facilities and infra structure that support tourism activity in this island.

I shall provide more information about tourist attractions in Bali in my other posts. And if you wish to visit Bali Indonesia, please go to Bali travel tips page in my previous post.

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