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Thousand Island

Thousand Island or Pulau Seribu consisting of almost 128 small islands. These pretty islands are located in the bay of Jakarta in the Java sea and can be reached in about 1-2 hours boat ride from the bay of Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia, so it's very easy to get there. From 128 islands, the local government chosen some islands to be developed for tourism, some of them are Ayer island, Kotok island, Pelangi island, Bidadari island, Matahari / Macan Besar island, Pantara island, Bira island, Sepa island and Putri island.

With so many coral reefs surrounding this island as a home for many species of fishes and other sea biotas make Thousand island become a perfect spot for diving, snorkelling and fishing. You can find many diving and sailing facilities in some of the islands here.

Here I will try to give descriptions about some of the best islands in Pulau Seribu :

Ayer Island
In the past this island used as a private resort for the Kings of Thousand Island and in the modern history this island also used by Indonesia's first president as a private recreational place. This island is also called "The pearl of the Thousand Island" because of its beauty compared to the other islands in Thousand Island. Ayer has a very beautiful beach with surrounding coconut trees makes it a perfect place for relaxing and sunbathing. You can find almost any kind of tourist facilities in this island, floating cottages, bungalows, water sport facilities, and even entertainment spots like night clubs.

Kotok Island
This island can be reached from Jakarta in about 90 minutes. It's a real peaceful tropical hideaway with its untouched beauty. Taking a break in the cozy cottages tucked amongst the foliage, you can only hear the wind in the trees, birdsong and the slapping waves. Kotok island is also a good spot for snorkelling and diving.

Pelangi Island
Pelangi island or "Rainbow island" is located about 70 km from the Jakarta bay. This island is covered by lush palm and pine trees with its sandy beach in the middle of clean blue water. Pelangi island is a perfect place for those who love to enjoy beach, sand, sea and the sun.

Bidadari Island
Bidadari island or "Island of Angel" is the nearest island from Jakarta, it's only about 15 km away and can be reached in about 20 minutes with a speedboat. Here you can stay in beautiful cottages whis is built among trees giving you the chance to blend with the nature. Many tour operators selling the package of Bidadari island tour including its surrounding islands such as Kahyangan island, Kelor Island and Onrust Island where there is a historical site which is the remain of the Dutch's East Indies Company from the 17th century.

Macan Besar Island
Here you can find Matahari Island Resort, it's a beautiful tropical resort with good quality sand. This resort is surrounded by beaches but the most ideal spot for beach activities are the southern and western part. The marine life is also well developed, the water is clear and the natural habitat of tropical fishes and coral are also well preserved.

West and East Pantara Island
These islands have so many good accomodations for tourists like beautiful cottages, hotels, convention hall, Japanese, chinese and Indonesian restaurants, fresh water swimming pool, snack counters, souvenir shops, a disco, tennis courts, diving and other marine sports rental shop.

Bira Island
A very nice place to spend your vacation with your family. Bira Island has a crystal clear water, white sand beach with fresh air blowing everywhere. You can do lots of activities here since there are so many tourist facilities available here such as luxury cottages, bicycle rent, jetsky rents, extra large swimming pool, club house, children playground, fishing spots with traditional and modern fishing boats, and there is also a 9-hole golf course for you who like this sport.

Sepa Island
This island has a very beautiful landscape environment which is fascinatingly combined with luxuries traditional style cottages built around this island. This pretty island with many tourist facilities is located about 90 minutes away from Jakarta bay.

Putri Island
Putri Island or "Princess Island" is known for its clear water and good coral. Putri Island is one of the best spot for snorkelling and diving in Thousand Island. This island is located about 70 km from Jakarta bay.

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