Thursday, September 10, 2009

Losari Beach

Losari is a unique beach, it's located in the heart of a big city - Makasar in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The most unique point of this beach is you can watch both sunset and sunrise in the same place you're standing, its position which lies from north to south makes you possible to do that.

Although it is located in a big city, the environment of Losari beach is quite preserved. The beach looks very clean and tidy, so it creates such unique beautiful scenery of natural beauty in a big city.

The beach which extends as far as 4 km can be easily reached through the main road. Across the road from Losari Beach you can find lots of accomodations with various classes and facilities. You can also find many good restaurants offering traditional foods of South Sulawesi, or you can try Makasar's snacks available across the beach's edge.

The best time for travellers to enjoy the beauty of Losari beach is between 15.00 pm - 21.00 pm. Many tourists come to this beach just to sit and enjoy the beauty of this clean beach and watch the sunset or to jog along the beach.

* If you wish to visit Indonesia please go to Indonesia travel tips page

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