Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kuta Beach - Bali Indonesia

Kuta is probably the most famous beach in Indonesia, in fact not only in Indonesia, this beach is also famous all over the world as a fantastic beach for tourist destination. Almost every travel agents, tourism books, and travelling sites all over the world include Kuta beach as one of the great destinations.

Kuta beach played an important role in Indonesia's tourism history, since it was the first successful tourist destination that was managed professionally in Indonesia. It was started when Danish traders opened a trading agency office in this area. The business connection built between the trading agency and the natives then grew rapidly.

In 1930 (before Indonesia's Independence - 1945), a married couple from California were very impressed by the natural beauty of Kuta beach. The news about the untouched natural beauty of the beach then spreaded and people were started to come to the beach. Kuta Beach Hotel was the first hotel built in this area, but it was stop operating after the japanese soldiers attacked the island of Bali. In 1960 many tourists from Australia had to make a transit in Bali before they continued their journey to Europe, this situation made Kuta gained back its popularity. Today, Kuta beach still attracts lots of visitors not only from Australia, but from all over the world.

Kuta beach covered by soft white sand. This beach is a very ideal place for any kinds of beach activities like sunbathing, swimming, or surfing. Its location which is on a basin makes the waves on this beach is not as hard as any other beaches located on the south which directly face the Indonesian ocean. It makes Kuta beach as an ideal place for tourists who would like to learn how to surf, you can many surfing instructors in this beach. But the main attraction in this beautiful beach is the sunset, in the afternoon the beach will become more crowded by the people who want to enjoy the sunset which is a remarkable scenery.

Beside the beach, Kuta area is also known as the part of Bali that never sleeps and a good place to hang out. You can find so many shops, restaurants, hotels, clubs, cafes, souvenirs on the sideroads of Kuta all the way to the next village - Legian and Seminyak.

So many hotels and resorts you can rent here with price range from $15 - $400 / night. Kuta beach is very easy to reach since it is located only 30 minutes from the international airport in Denpasar - the capital of Bali Indonesia.

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