Thursday, October 22, 2009

Julia Roberts in Ubud - Bali For Her New Movie "Eat Pray Love"

Since October 16, 2009 Ubud - Bali has become the most exposed tourist destination in Indonesia, not only because Ubud is a very beautiful place with great traditional arts, but also because since that day, Julia Roberts, an Oscar winning artist is there in Ubud at Bentuyung village to begin shooting her new movie Eat, Pray, Love.

This movie is based on a true story from a novel by Elizabeth Gilbert. It tells the story of an American writer - Elizabeth Gilbert played by Julia Roberts, who travels to many countries in search for her self tranquility until she finally came to Ubud and found a peaceful life there.

Eat, Pray, Love is produced by Brad Pitt and directed by Ryan Murphy. Beside Julia Robert this movie is also starred by an Oscar winning actor Oscar Javier Bardem and Billy Crudup. The shooting is scheduled until November 11, 2009 and the movie will be released in 2011.

Ever since the shooting starts, many domestic and international tourists visit this village to see the movie set and hoping to see their favorite Hollywood artists. Many of these tourists even cancel some of their trips just to visit Ubud to see Julia Roberts.

Bentuyung Village

At the early days of shooting, the making of this movie was protested a couple of times by the local people. These people felt that there was a mistake in the payment of compensation for the use of their customary land as the movie set, and they even blocked the access road to the set. Beside the local people in Bentuyung Village, this movie was also protested by the merchants in Ubud Market. The merchants said they lose profits as the movie crews blocked the access road to the market. But the problems now had been settled and the Balinese are no longer protesting the movie making, many of them even help the film crew by providing some security personnels.

Beside Bentuyung Village, this movie also takes place in several tourism objects like Monkey Forrest - Ubud, Jimbaran Beach, Ubud Market and also in different countries like India and Cambodia and Italy.

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WishNoize said...

Salam kenal bro Noval, ga sengaja gw lihat profilnya di oDesk, kebetulan gw join oDesk juga n tinggal di Jakarta Timur juga :-)

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