Saturday, October 10, 2009

West Sumatra Shocked By A Strong Earthquake

September 30, 2009 at 17.16 PM local time, West Sumatra one of the most beautiful part of Indonesia which has lots of natural tourist attractions was striked by a powerful earthquake. This earthquake happened in the depth of 80km with the strength of 7.6 on richter scale which is very destructive especially in Padang - the capital of West Sumatra. The vibration of the earthquake even can be felt in Singapore and also Kuala Lumpur.

Padang sits on an area which is called by the geologists as 'the ring of fire', where the Indo-Australia plate meets the Eurasia plate. This condition causes the area oftenly shook by an earthquake.

Almost 1.000 people killed in this tragedy, thousands of people suffered minor or major injury, it also causes massive destruction to buildings and infrastructures. Many people lost their homes, and children lost their schools.

We thank all the people and organizations, local or international, that are willing to give their help and donation to ease the suffering of the victims, including the UN and friendly countries.

The people there still need our help, the easiest way to help the victims is by donating through donation accounts provided to help these people. You can transfer your donation through these accounts :

* BCA, Thamrin branch acc. no. 206.300668.8 Acc. Name Kantor Pusat PMI
* Bank Mandiri, Jakarta krakatau Steel branch Acc. 070-00-0011601-7 Acc. Name Palang Merah Indonesia
* Bank Mandiri, Jakarta Taman Kebon Jeruk Branch Acc. 117 0000 778894 Acc. Name PT. Media Televisi Indonesia
* Bank Mandiri, Puri Indah Branch Acc. 288 3333 888 Acc. Name PT. Media Televisi Indonesia
* Bank Mandiri, Jakarta Pulogadung branch Acc. 125-000-7926-793 2 Acc. Name Tv One Satu Untuk Negeri
* Bank Mandiri, Jakarta Rawamangun branch Acc. 0386-01-000-111-304 Acc. Name Tv One Satu Untuk Negeri

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